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Ordering Process
Delivery & Installation
Building Options Available
Roof Styles
Anchoring Systems
Certified vs Non-Certified
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Ordering Process

How does the ordering process work?

We have a building specialist on stand by to work with you to help you discover the right building for your needs. We customize each unit to suit your needs. Once you have decided on the building you need, we write up the order, collect the down payment, and then it is submitted for processing. Next, there will be a follow up to verify the order from the plant. Then, scheduling will receive the order and set up a delivery and installation time. A time frame window is given as traffic and weather conditions may affect the specific time of arrival.

What is your return policy?

The down payment is the restocking fee and is non-refundable.


Delivery & Installation

How does the delivery and installation process work?

Materials are brought in by our expert subcontractor install crews on a 30-36 foot trailer. If your point of access is too small, narrow, or steep, this may not be possible. Also, unprepared or unlevel lots may lead to additional labor fees. Once they arrive, they will confirm your order with you. Depending on the size and style of your building this process could take as little as 1 hour or days. The average is 2-6 hours. We will be better able to advise of this once we know the size and style of building or carport you are purchasing.

What is your lead time?

This depends on the location of installation. We partner with various manufacturing facilities set up across the United States. Please keep in mind that weather and site deficiencies may lead to delays. Contact us for a lead time specific to your area.

What do I need to do before the crew arrives to install my building?

Use the following checklist:

We recommend calling 811. This is a free service that will come out and mark any utility lines underneath the installation site.

Prep your lot for level installation. A site that is more than 3” out of level may incur additional labor fees and delays in the installation.

Is the building being installed on a retaining wall? Let us know at the time of ordering! We determine the suitability for installation on a case-by-case scenario.

Clear all obstacles out of the installation area. An obstructed installation area may lead to additional labor fees or inability to install.

Does the installation crew have room around the install area? In most cases they need at least 2-3 feet work-around room to install side panels and trim. There are some exceptions. Discuss this with us prior to installation.

Have the final payment ready when the crew arrives. Smaller units may be completed in as little as an hour, and the crews may have multiple appointments in one day.

In commercial settings certain safety requirements may need to be met. Ensure we are aware of this and it is noted at the time of your order.


Building Options Available

What sizes do you offer?

Depending on your location, we offer sizes up to 80 feet wide in a clear span (wider available with lean-tos), 20 feet tall, and as long as you want to go.

What materials do you use for your metal buildings?

As a standard, we use 29 gauge metal sheets, 14 gauge 2-½” square tubing, and 18 gauge hat channel. In many locations, we offer upgrade options for 26 gauge sheets and 12 gauge frame work.

What’s the difference in the gauge of material?

Gauge is the standard of measurement for the thickness of the metal material. The smaller the number, the thicker the metal.

What other options are available?

Options available depend on your delivery location. Examples include:

• Welded Trusses
• Color-Match Screws
• 12 Gauge Frame
• 26 Gauge Sheets
• Additional Roofing Bows
• Various Insulation Options
• Header Seal
• Ridge Cap Foam
• Various Roll Up Door Sizes
• Various Walk-in Door Sizes and Styles

• Various Window Door Sizes and Styles
• Gable Ends
• Concrete, Mobile Home (Ground or Earth) Anchors, Asphalt Anchors, Flush Mount Concrete Anchors
• Dutch or 45
• Various Roof Pitch Options
• Skylight Panels
• Vertical or Horizontal Side Panels
• Regular, Boxed Eave (A-Frame), or Vertical Roof
• Various Colors


Roof Styles

What is the difference in the roof styles available?

We offer 3 types of roofs:

Regular Style Roof

This roof is the classic metal carport style with the rounded edges. You will find this option economically advantageous. This roof has the panels running from front to back (horizontally). Because the panels run horizontally expect more mildew and maintenance from this roof option.

Boxed Eave (A-Frame) Style Roof

This roof has the A-Frame look of the Vertical roof but runs the panels horizontally like the Regular roof. If you are searching for the A-Frame style at the best price, look no further. Because the panels run horizontally, expect more mildew and maintenance from this roof option.

Vertical Style Roof

This frame is the best and strongest style. This A-frame roof has the sheets running side-to-side, like a house roof, allowing for the best drainage. The strength is due to the metal purlins added which can be seen underneath the roofing sheets.


Anchoring Systems

How are the buildings and carports anchored?

This depends on your installation surface. We offer concrete/cement anchors, mobile home anchors, asphalt anchors, and in some cases lag bolt anchors. We will discuss the anchoring system recommendations when customizing your building.



Will I need a permit for my structure?

This depends on where you live and the type of building you are having installed. We recommend checking with your local building codes authority to discover whether or not you will need a permit.

Do you pull the required permits?

In most cases, this responsibility is with the customer. In limited cases, we may be able to complete this aspect for an additional charge.


Certified vs Non-Certified & Engineer Drawings

Are your buildings certified?

We offer certified and non-certified options. We build structures up to a 170 mph wind load and up to 90 psf snow load. This is subject to availability in your install area.

Are Engineered Stamped drawings available?

Yes! There are three types of Engineered Drawings available:

• Generic Structural Design Drawings - In many cases these are available at no cost once the down payment is made.

• Generic Wet Seal Drawings - These drawings are used when your local building department requires a stamp on each page and is available at an additional charge in most cases.

• Site-Specific Drawings - These drawings are custom to your building and will include the customer’s name, address, local wind/snow load requirements, and the exact building dimensions with door/window placements. These are available for an additional charge.

What risk category drawings are available?

In most cases we are able to offer Risk Category I and Risk Category II. This varies by location and may be included or available for an additional charge. Contact us for more information for your install location.


Payment Plans

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! We offer rent-to-own options with no credit check! We also have partners for financing with credit approval that is quick and hassle free! See our Financing page or call us for more information.


Start Building Now

Have an idea for a carport or metal building but aren’t sure how it will look once it’s constructed? No problem. Our online builder tool allows you to view a 3D rendering of your ideas before putting them into action. Use this tool to customize your structure, preview it, and receive an individualized quote!

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